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  • Welcome to the Olive Tree Mediterranean Grille!

    We are a family-owned and operated restaurant that specializes in serving Middle Eastern cuisine. Our food is prepared with fresh ingredients daily. The unique blends of spices, paired with our generations-old recipes, provide the most authentic experience Jacksonville has to offer.

    For Delivery or Carry-Out, Call: (904) 396-2250

We are located at the corner of Hendricks Ave and Thacker Ave in beautiful San Marco.

  • Falafel

    Fried vegetables patty made form ground chick peas, parsley, onions, garlic with special spices.

  • Tabouleh

    Salad made of a mixture of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, cracked Wheat, and green onions with special dressing.

  • Hummus

    Dip made from pureed chick peas, and garlic with tahineh, and lemon.

  • Kiftah

    Grilled ground beef with chopped onions and parsley and special spices.

  • Gyro

    Mix of beef and lamb with Greek spices.

  • Kibbeh

    A fried patty made from ground beef, cracked wheat, and spices, stuffed with sautéed steak and onions and pine nuts.

  • Grape Leaves

    Rolled grape leave stuffed with beef and rice cooked in lemon sauce and special spices.

  • Potato Salad

    A mixture of potatoes, parsley, garlic, mint, lemon, and olive oil.

  • Rice

    Jazmine rice with peas and mushrooms and Mediterranean spices.

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Monday - Friday 10:30am - 8:30pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm

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(904) 396-2250
1705 Hendricks Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32207